All I do is Win, Win, Win… Negotiating to Get What you Want in Business Contracts with Jennifer Bilger

Challenger Point Lecture Hall Classroom 4616 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO

Everyone wants to win when it comes to negotiating a contract. Negotiating is an art many people lack the confidence to master completely. The key is being confident and truly understanding your style. Once you have a true understanding of how you interact and communicate during the negotiation process, you then need to be aware …


Interviewing to Build the Right Team, not a ‘Right Now’ Team with Jennifer Bilger

Larimer SBDC Classroom 4616 S. Shields Street, Fort Collins,, CO

Building the Right Team in the challenging landscape of today that many business owners are facing can be difficult, especially if the need to hire is urgent. Hiring the wrong person because they are the 'best' right now or because 'we need someone immediately' can be a costly mistake that causes major productivity issues, stress, …