Positioning For Growth

This session is part of our ScaleUp program, with sessions focused on helping your business grow.

You can’t drive a ‘69 VW bug 300 miles per hour. It’s simply not designed for that kind of performance.
Is your business in a similar situation? Is it designed in a way that makes it possible to scale past $10M in annual revenue? Does it have the resources, capital, mission and talent to be able to sustain that growth? What needs to change in your business model, offerings, market positioning to achieve true scale? Are you creating enterprise value that will ultimately achieve your exit goals?

In this fireside chat, Silencia Cox, CEO of MotherLove and Allison Seabeck, former president of ProSci will talk about what they needed to do to position their businesses for scale.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand how to position your business for growth
  • Evaluate the capacity of your current resources, capital, mission and talent
  • Determine what remodeling will be needed to attain sustainable growth
  • Ascertain the scalability of your idea and offering

Thanks to Larry Chapman from Fort Collins Video (https://www.ftcvideo.com/) for recording this talk.