Dr. Erika Michalski – Strategically Authentic – Founded in FoCo Podcast

In this introspective episode of the Founded in FoCo podcast, Dr. Erika Michalski, the vivacious and recognized master performance consultant best known as Consultant Barbie, sits down with host Nick Armstrong to discuss the nuances of authenticity in personal and professional spaces. Erika’s infectious energy and depth of knowledge create an engaging conversation that digs deep into what makes authentic leadership and engagement so vital in today’s world.

2024 Event Podcast Kicks Off with Alison Proffit of the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit

In this enlightening episode of the Founded in FoCo Podcast, Nick Armstrong welcomes back Alison Proffit to discuss the interconnectedness of business acumen and personal growth. Known for her expertise in guiding entrepreneurs toward success with soulful strategies, Alison delves into the significance of embracing an entrepreneur’s entire journey, be it personal trials or professional triumphs, in the world of business.

Founded in FoCo 2023 Event Recap

On behalf of the entire organizing team: THANK YOU. You made Founded in FoCo 2023 a resounding success: our community members, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and community partners.