Join the ranks of over 250 individuals volunteering their time as an investment in their community’s economy.

We are looking to fill the following long-term planning roles and a number of short-term event-only roles right away!

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Role Descriptions:

Core Team

Base Responsibilities:

  • Available to work with the Core Team in advance of the event
  • Meet 1-2 hours in person fortnightly to check in on progress and work through issues
  • Take ownership of research and documentation to support the Core Team

Specific Roles:

  • Volunteer Coordinator – ensures the volunteers have a clear plan of action, scope of responsibilities, and a scheduled time/date for appearance. Also lines up volunteer gifts.
  • Venue and Vendor Coordinator – ensures the venues and vendors (e.g. food/beverage) have a setup plan and list of events, tech setup needs, and schedule planning ahead of the event.
  • Website + Social Media Coordinator – helps update the website and social media.
  • Sponsorship Coordinator – helps wrangle sponsorships for the event.
  • Speaker Coordinator – helps wrangle speakers for the event, including lining up speaker gifts, snagging bios and photos, and updating the schedule as needed.

Track Captains


  • Outline potential sessions and recruit speakers for the track
  • Recruit track volunteers and vet for skills needed (meet and greet, session intro, setup and break down, rover, etc.)
  • Contribute to media plan including content (talking points, stories, blog posts, etc), specific media targets, and calendar to assure optimal coverage of the track
  • Communicate status to Organizer Team
  • Work with participating organizations to promote the event
  • Provide inventory of what is needed at each venue 6­-8 weeks in advance to assure time to order and deliver

Likely Content Captain Tracks:

  • Marketing
  • Representation
  • Finance
  • Innovation
  • Scale
  • Community

Event Only Volunteers

  • Attend a training before Founded in FoCo (FiFC) – Early to Mid September.
  • Act as an ambassador/greeter, spread the word about FiFC, serve as a tech assistant, or live streamer.

If any of the roles outlined above sound like your idea of a good time, we hope you’ll join our growing team of volunteers!