Founded in FoCo

Incubate new ideas, learn from peers, and build relationships at our entrepreneurial event.

Save the Date: March 10 – 14, 2025

Bringing together startups, creatives, solopreneurs, nonprofits small businesses, students, entrepreneurs, and community members. Please join us!

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We Need YOU.

Have an idea you want to see at Founded in FoCo? Speak up!

We’re always looking for excellent, dedicated presenters, speakers, and organizers to enhance our program! Ideal presenters have a give-first mentality.

Volunteer Today!

It takes a small army of volunteers to help put on the event each year. Would you help us, either in the form of showing up to support your fellow entrepreneurs with day-of setup or in the form of a small sponsorship? Either is tremendously helpful to make sure this event comes back year after year!

Returning to the Senior Center

We’re excited to have you join us this year at the Fort Collins Senior Center, meaning you’ll know exactly where you need to go each day, how to get there, and that there will be parking available!

Learn, Then Do: we’re reprising the same 3-day format we had in 2023 with a twist. Thursday and Friday feature workshop-style panels where you get to apply what you’ve learned during the sessions earlier in the week! No more sitting on knowledge you wish you had time to implement. No excuses: use what you’ve learned right away!

Founded in FoCo 2025!

March 10 – 14, 2025 @ Fort Collins Senior Center
Peer learning, networking, and social events

You’ll build relationships and learn from Northern Colorado’s diverse group of local entrepreneurs and experts representing our community’s best and brightest business and creative minds.

Sessions and speakers are selected not just for the relevancy and applicability of the content, but also to represent the social and cultural makeup of Fort Collins’ economy as a whole.

Not Just Startups

Businesses and non-profits of any phase, type, and composition can benefit from the crowdsourced wisdom generated at Founded in FoCo.

Creatives Welcome!

Artists and creators have special considerations and approaches to business – that’s why we have a whole track dedicated to Creatives!

A Community-Wide Effort

Proudly coordinated with the help of local business- and creative-focused organizations, including the City of Fort Collins Economic Health department, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, Larimer Small Business Development Center, Front Range Community College, CSU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship, and hundreds of local small businesses.

Who’s part of Founded in FoCo?

Meet the Speakers by Listening to the Podcast!

Dayle Wickizer – Intentional Results – Founded in FoCo Podcast Founded in FoCo Podcast

Dayle Wickizer is the CEO and founder of Intentional Results Consulting. With a rich background in executive operations management, she plays the vital role of a fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO), providing part-time executive support to businesses. Her expertise lies in helping leaders execute their strategies, optimize operations, and scale their businesses effectively. Wickizer's experience encompasses corporate-level operations, general management of smaller companies, and running her own solo operations, bringing a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to visionaries and business leaders. In this insightful episode of the "Founded in FoCo" podcast, host Nick Armstrong is joined by Dayle Wickizer, who shares her expertise as a fractional COO. The engaging conversation delves into the nuances of assisting small to medium-sized businesses in achieving operational excellence and navigating the challenges unique to smaller ventures. Wickizer advocates for a hands-on approach to helping leaders turn their visionary ideas into successful executions through customized strategies, policies, procedures, and automation. The episode further explores how Wickizer's corporate expertise translates into strong fractional COO work, aiding businesses without the budget for a full-time operations manager. She emphasizes the importance of aligning leadership philosophies, communication styles, and business goals to ensure a fruitful collaboration. The discussion pivots to the potential of AI technology integration in daily operations and the literacy skills necessary for entrepreneurs to stay competitive in an ever-evolving landscape. Learn more about Dayle's work at: The Founded in FoCo Podcast is hosted by Nick Armstrong, Lead Organizer of Founded in FoCo and Geek-in-Chief of WTF Marketing (⁠⁠⁠⁠). Hear more great interviews with founders in and around Fort Collins at: ⁠⁠
  1. Dayle Wickizer – Intentional Results – Founded in FoCo Podcast
  2. Sara Rosinsky – Shiny Red Copy – Founded in FoCo Podcast
  3. Diana Rogers Jaeger – Leadership and Confidence Coach – Founded in FoCo Podcast