NonProfit Day

March 3rd, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
@ Founded in FoCo

In order to succeed on your nonprofit’s mission over the long-haul, you need to build on a strong foundation.

Our nonprofit experts can help you with that.

Enjoy a full day of free programming to spark new ideas, learn from peers, and build relationships — all designed around the nonprofit community.

Network with colleagues and experience a “speed dating” session with nonprofit consultants.

“It can be lonely to be a nonprofit leader. You not only manage your programs, but need to raise the funds at the same time. This event will be a great opportunity to connect with people that understand the unique challenges you face in your work.”

— Kim Fisher (VisionCatalyst, Co-lead Nonprofit Organizer)

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“As a nonprofit leader, it is important to always be seeking out knowledge while building your skills. This event will provide real-world advice from local professionals, who work in, and understand, your Northern Colorado community.”

— Alex Koenigsberg (Founder, Arula Consulting, Co-Organizer)

“Running a nonprofit can feel like a daily trial-and-error exercise. This is a unique opportunity to discover best practices that any organization can put into action right away.”

— (Carol Bennis Principal Consultant, Riverside Consulting Partners, Co-Organizer)

“Focusing your staff and board towards a common vision for the future and a clearly articulated purpose radically aligns the work and makes it easy to make decisions. Learn how to apply strategy to everyday work.”

— (Elizabeth Martin, Director of Strategy & Development, Museum of Art, Fort Collins, Co-Organizer)
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