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If you’re finding yourself with a little bit more time to read these days, it might be worth diving into one of these amazing local books by local authors (many of whom are also speakers at Fort Collins Startup Week!). Most of these books can be ordered for curbside pickup at Old Firehouse Books!

Beautiful Badass: How to Believe In Yourself Against the Odds

by Chrysta Bairre

You can do anything you set your mind to! Just be happy! Remember, someone else has it worse than you.

UGH! This type of advice isn’t always helpful. When you’ve experienced real hardship in life, positive thinking will only get you so far.

Beautiful Badass: How to Believe In Yourself Against the Odds is an essential guide for women who are tired of being told to “think positive” and instead want to take command of their destinies and stop falling prey to the hardships that previously defined them.

Unstoppable: A Recipe for Success in Life and Business

by Betsy Craig

For Betsy Craig, her journey began when she got sober at the age of 20 after years of alcohol and drug abuse, then beat the odds against the autoimmune disease scleroderma that wanted her dead and now she’s the CEO of her own million-dollar company, MenuTrinfo, LLC. Through her determination and spirit, Betsy became a leader in the food service industry protecting lives and health through nutrition and food safety training showing all along the way what it means to be unstoppable.

My Life in Comics (a Memoir)

by Ron Fortier

My name is Ron Fortier and for most of my adult life I’ve written those wonderful little magazines in which stories are told not only with words but also with beautiful illustrations drawn by talented artists. Comics are an art form created here in America back in the late 1920s and today they are published around the globe. My hope is the stories you are about to read will inform and entertain you but most of all amuse you. After all, when they first came on the scene they weren’t called comics; they were called funny books.

A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way

by Ariana Friedlander

Tired of getting in your own way? Don’t like being told what to do? Want to be successful while being true to you? This is the book you’ve been waiting for.

A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way will make you laugh, think, and reevaluate everything about your entrepreneurial journey, while showing you that you’re not alone. Most importantly, it will guide you in charting your own path from where you are to where you want to be.

Please Validate My Existence: Essays & Stories From a Twentysomething Pseudo-Intellectual

by Jessica Manuszak

A manual for making the best of squeezing dogs’ anal glands for minimum wage. And a huge, heaping handful of reassurance when you’re ready to smack yourself and/or the nearest passerby with a raw fish because you don’t know what you’re doing, where you’re headed, or what in the hell you actually want.

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  1. Well this was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea my comics were available at Firehouse Books. Thanks.


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