Building the Right Team and Culture for Scale

This session is part of our ScaleUp program, with sessions focused on helping your business grow.

The people side of your venture is more important than your product, strategy or funding. In fact, if you have the right team, you can overcome just about any other problem with your business model. But problems with team culture can jeopardize the best business idea, no matter how well it’s positioned or funded.

So how do you recruit the right team from the very beginning, and how do you establish a high performance culture? What are the signs that you have a problem, and how do you fix it? When a company is in launch mode, everyone sprints. But as it grows and scales, the team has to learn to run a marathon. How do you build endurance into the team and culture to play the long game necessary for sustainable growth?

In this fireside chat, Candyce is joined by Julie Dubin, co-founder of No Barriers, Dan Holt, Co-Founder and CEO of BillGO and Larry Dolgin who founded and led The Feet, Inc. for 22 years before a successful exit in 2016. We’ll talk about how these successful entrepreneurs built their teams and established a culture that enabled their businesses to scale past the first $1M and continue growing.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • How to avoid having your growth limited by the capacity of the founders
  • Finding employees and stakeholders who can endure the growth journey
  • Why building a diverse team with the right mix of people can enable long term growth
  • How to establish a high performance culture that also builds in safety and trust¬†
  • Approaches for eliminating “group-think” and encouraging team contributions

Thanks to Larry Chapman from Fort Collins Video ( for recording this talk.