Managing Capital and Cash Flow to Sustain Growth

This session is part of our ScaleUp program, with sessions focused on helping your business grow.

One of the trickiest parts of scaling a business is managing cash flow and capital. More than 60% of business failures were actually profitable — they failed because they ran out of cash. Managing your working capital and cash flow is absolutely essential to your business survival. Cash flow management is necessary to avoid cash crunches that prevent you from paying suppliers, buying materials and paying salaries. The problems come when your revenue comes in after your payouts are due. So cash flow management is all about delaying outflows of cash as long as possible while encouraging customers to pay as quickly as possible.

In this fireside chat, we’ll hear from Zubaida Bai, CEO of Ayzh and Matt Bryson, CFO of MadWire, and Mike Blazes, CFO of BillGO, about challenges they’ve encountered and how they’ve learned to effectively manage their capital and cash flow.

Key takeaways for this session:

  • Figure out the amount of working capital you need to fund operations
  • Identify capital risks and prepare in advance
  • Types of financing available to shore up shortfalls
  • How to speed up receivables and delay payables

Thanks to Larry Chapman from Fort Collins Video ( for recording this talk.