Predictability Is the Fulcrum for Scale

Chronic inconsistency in forecasting accuracy is a key reason why businesses fail. When you miss forecasts, you risk running through your capital without results. Of the firms TrueSpace followed in their research, 90% consistently over-estimated, over-projected, and failed to achieve sustained growth. To build a predictable business that can sustain consistent growth, you have to establish key performance indicators across the business and constantly test and improve the quality of your assumptions. If you build a measurement culture, you will increase the value of your company.

In this fireside chat, Charles Fred, Chairman/CEO of TrueSpace, and JB Kellogg, Co-CEO of Madwire talk about the types of KPIs they track, how they used these to report on progress, and the impact on their businesses.

Key takeaways from this session: 

  • How to build a measurement culture
  • Establishing key objectives for each aspect of the business
  • Using feedback to improve the quality of your assumptions and the accuracy of forecasts

Thanks to Larry Chapman from Fort Collins Video ( for recording this talk.