Founded in FoCo 2023 Event Recap

On behalf of the entire organizing team: THANK YOU. You made Founded in FoCo 2023 a resounding success: our community members, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and community partners.

Gabe DeRita – Founded in FoCo Podcast

Want to help your team show up, do their best work, and – most importantly – stick around because they’re truly happy and aligned with the work? Gabe DeRita from Effective Connection LLC joins Nick to share the 5 steps to get there.

Acey Holmes – Founded in FoCo Podcast

Acey Holmes, the founder of BoredLess, joins Nick to talk about the importance of play at work – especially if you’re a solopreneur – and how it’s so important to give yourself permission to be open.

Candyce Edelen – Founded in FoCo Podcast

Join Candyce Edelen from Propel Growth as she discusses Scale Up Day at FoundedInFoCo and the brilliant entrepreneurs taking part in sharing their experiences and stories with you. Candyce also covers the major pivots she’s navigated in her business to keep the lights on and food on the table while garnering a 25% return rate on her sales efforts.

Gina Maez – Founded in FoCo Podcast

Join Gina Maez, owner of as she shares the secret to thrilling your customers – whether it’s a black-tie gala or a 5-year-old’s sleepover: the power of going with the flow.

Maya Jairam – Founded in FoCo Podcast

Maya Jairam, owner of Equity Works, LLC joins us to discuss the power of JEDI (no, not those JEDI) in the workplace and how businesses of any size can get started on work to bring every voice to the table.