That’s not coffee, that’s the smell of a Startup

Are you a little burnt out on coming home smelling like you were bearhugged by a barista? Good news, now you can indulge in an entire week of free coworking, thanks to our awesome Coworking partners: Cohere, Articulate, Digital Workshop Center, Music District, Front Range Business Center, FVC Mesh Fort Collins, and Office Evolution.

Come attend Startup Week, meet some amazing partners, and then build something new together at a collaborative office space for free!

Monday, February 27: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at Cohere
418 South Howes Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Friendship-oriented coworking space for freelancers, remote workers and non-profits who normally work from home and don’t like it.

Tuesday, February 28: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at Articulate
324 Jefferson Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

A vibrant community in Old Town Fort Collins where creative professionals grow and collaborate personally and professionally.

Wednesday, March 1: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at Digital Workshop Center
324 Remington St Suite 130
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Founded in 2006, Digital Workshop Center is a locally-owned computer training school, Adobe Training Center, and coworking hub in Fort Collins and Denver.

Thursday, March 2: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at Music District (long building)
639 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Your music playground and laboratory. Whether you are a novice or pro, we provide the resources, spaces, and tools for learning, composing, rehearsing, collaborating, and more.

Thursday, March 2: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at Front Range Business Center Boardwalk Location
155 E. Boardwalk Drive, Suite 400
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Flexible and cost-saving officing options for start-ups and home-based businesses including drop-in work space or private offices.

Friday, March 3: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at Office Evolution Fort Collins
2580 E Harmony Rd, Suite 201
Fort Collins, CO 80528

The Northern Colorado business center is a community of coworking and executive offices that offers flexible terms to help grow your small business by reducing overhead.

Friday, March 3: 9a-4p Free Drop-In Coworking at FVC Mesh Fort Collins
242 Linden St
Fort Collins, CO 80524

FVC Mesh Fort Collins is a vibrant startup community located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. Our unique space allows entrepreneurs to create and cultivate startups while connecting them to mentors, educators, and investors to help support them.

Friday, March 3: 5p-7p Happy Hour Networking for Musicians at Cohere Bandwidth (free beer/drinks)
317 Jefferson Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Shared hourly rehearsal space and connection-centered events for musicians in downtown Fort Collins.

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