The Builder Track – Increasing Business Value & Profitability

If you’re a builder and hope to grow a business you can sell someday, Wednesday, March 6th at Founded in FoCo is your day!

We’ve got several sessions geared toward helping you increase the value and profitability of your business.

Highlights on the schedule include:

  • 9am: Join Jill Simonds to learn about creating extreme ownership and accountability in your business and team. 
  • 10:00am: Justin Boling will talk about the Entrepreneur Operating System and how it can help your business be more successful. (This is based on the book TRACTION). 
  • Also at 10:00am, Mark Weaver will teach you how to build a team culture to improve your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission.
  • 11:00am: Hope Hartman will help you start thinking about your exit strategy. This is something you need to start working on several years before it’s time to actually exit. 
  • 2:30pm: Charles Fred will talk about how to increase the value of your business, so when it comes time to sell, you’re in the driver’s seat rather than being at the mercy of the buyer.

Our closing keynote is at 3:30. Kyle Kirkpatrick will share his amazing story of building his business. He’s got some really helpful insights and creative ways to turn obstacles into opportunities for innovation and growth. 

Visit the Wednesday schedule here:

Then after the closing keynote, we’ll have open networking for about 45 minutes before the Motown Revue band kicks off our closing party. They’re a 10-piece band and will give us a fun musical history of Motown. We’ll also have free finger food from Get Plattered and beverages from Herbal Mocktails and Gruvi. It promises to be a very fun evening.

Join us at Founded in FoCo on Wednesday, March 6th.

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