2024 Event Podcast Kicks Off with Alison Proffit of the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit

Alison Proffit of the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit joins Nick Armstrong, the Lead Organizer of Founded in FoCo, to offer a grounded and insightful perspective on the realities of running a business, leaving the business, and returning stronger than when you’d left. 

Her story sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of vulnerability and the power of community, with advice for business owners looking to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with authenticity and purpose.

Content Warning: this episode contains reference to sexual assault at 6:24 to 7:12.

Learn more about Alison’s work at Proffit Coach and the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit.

The Founded in FoCo Podcast is hosted by Nick Armstrong, Lead Organizer of Founded in FoCo, and Geek-in-Chief of WTF Marketing. Hear more great interviews with founders in and around Fort Collins at: ⁠⁠https://foundedinfoco.com/podcasts/

About the Guest(s):

Alison Proffit is a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach, and HR professional with over two decades of experience in human resources and coaching roles. As the founder of Proffit Coach, her focus is on holistic business coaching, advocating for joy as the best business strategy. Alison is known for her ability to guide entrepreneurs through scaling their businesses, pricing strategies, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

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Episode Summary:

In this enlightening episode of the Founded in FoCo Podcast, Nick Armstrong welcomes back Alison Proffit to discuss the interconnectedness of business acumen and personal growth. Known for her expertise in guiding entrepreneurs toward success with soulful strategies, Alison delves into the significance of embracing an entrepreneur’s entire journey, be it personal trials or professional triumphs, in the world of business.

Alison shares about her recent sabbatical from Proffit Coach to heal from a traumatic experience. She shares profound insights gained during her return to corporate HR work and how it reinforced her value as a business coach with a wealth of knowledge. Alison’s strategies prioritize authenticity and mental wellbeing, illustrating that genuine connections and self-care are integral for sustainable entrepreneurship. She also previews the upcoming Soulful Entrepreneur Summit, a virtual event focusing on fostering a heart-centered business ethos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal experiences, including trauma and healing, can profoundly shape and enhance entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Emotional vulnerability and authenticity in business are vital for growth and community building.
  • Networking and community building should align with one’s core values and can be reframed to fit individual preferences.
  • It’s critical to understand one’s worth and confidently communicate pricing and value to clients.
  • Events like the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit emphasize the value of storytelling and a holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

Notable Quotes:

  • “We have to feel comfortable. Like, I’m a mess right now, even though I’m supposed to show up that I got it all together, it’s like, no, we’re all messy, right? And you can’t do it by yourself. It’s not sustainable to do it by yourself. You can do it by yourself. It’s not sustainable.”
  • “Joy is the best business strategy, and joy is always available to us, even in the moments of grief.”
  • “I have no business not being wildly successful. And especially when you know a lot about business and then you start your own business, you almost kind of want it to be just so, and you want to make sure you’re doing all the things right and well, and being super strategic.”
  • “We are making decisions for people that we shouldn’t be making. And it was interesting to see that in another scaling business and so moving into that stage of business, I feel so passionate about that and also really validated that I have that skill set and that lens that will be able to help them.”
  • “If you’re expecting perfection of yourself, it’s like, what would you tell your clients or your customer base or your employees? You would never shun them from having a human experience.”


  • Check out the 2024 Founded in FoCo schedule and Alison’s sessions
  • Proffit Coach (https://proffitcoach.com/) and the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit (https://getsoulfulsuccess.com/network)
  • Social media handles: @ProffitCoach on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Founded InfoCo Podcast Website: Founded In FoCo (https://foundedinfoco.com/podcasts/)

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