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In this episode of the Founded in FoCo Podcast, founder and CEO of Brittany Dawson Coaching, Brittany Dawson and Nick Armstrong delve deep into the realm of effective workplace learning. The conversation revolves around the importance of bite-sized, actionable training and strategic learning processes within organizations.

Brittany begins by emphasizing the critical connection between quality training and enhanced workplace performance. Her discussion outlines the frequency and nature of workplace learning initiatives that employees crave, detailing flexible schedules that favor impactful, monthly engagements.

The dialogue extends into the vital role of aligning learning with the organization’s goals. Brittany provides insights on cross-domain learning, advocating for personalized learning plans that empower employees to progress in their roles. Listeners gain valuable perspectives on leveraging AI tools for productivity, which will be the focus of Brittany’s upcoming session at Founded in FoCo.

About the Guest:

Brittany Dawson is a passionate educator and founder of Brittany Dawson Coaching. With her personal mission to unlock the best in talent through energizing and actionable workshops, Brittany specializes in facilitating professional development, inspirational keynotes, and training enablement for employees. Her expertise is grounded in extensive research on the impact of high-quality training on performance and productivity. Levering her talents, Brittany is committed to creating a culture of continuous learning within organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning in the workplace is most effective in bite-sized, regular intervals, with 36% of organizations engaging in learning at least once a month.
  • Continuous learning should be intertwined with an organization’s strategic initiatives to enhance relevance and application.
  • Personal development is crucial for employees at all levels and can be pursued independently of organizational training programs.
  • AI tools have the potential to significantly boost productivity when utilized effectively and in alignment with personal workflow and lifestyle.
  • Cross-domain learning can foster collaboration and innovation, moving teams away from siloed operations to more integrated and collective growth.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Learning is best initiated on a bite-size incident… about 36% of organizations engage in learning at least once a month.”
  • “There’s a lot of data that highlights the connection between high-quality training, performance, and productivity.”
  • “The consistent inputs to maintain that series of training might not be consistent. So where I come in is I support organizations and talent to create that culture of continuous learning.”
  • “Learning is a continuous journey, and the best organizations that can bolster that perspective is if it starts not only from the top and from the bottom.”
  • “AI is more of an enhancer rather than the only standalone product. And so just encourage you to don’t lose that human element.”


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