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Jean Ginzburg is a content marketing expert who thinks that you – YES, YOU! – can create better content. Not only that you can, but that you MUST. Jean’s talk at Startup Week is called Creating a Lasting Content Strategy for Your Business Using Tech Platforms on Friday, March 1st, 10:00am-11:00am @ Cohere Coworking.

Let’s get to know Jean.

Hi there, Jean Ginzburg here, digital marketing expert, and CEO and Founder of My company is all about digital marketing and we work with startups, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-size businesses to help them find new customers using digital marketing strategies.

Tell us about your session at Startup Week.

The session is called Creating a Lasting Content Strategy Using Tech Platforms. We cover foundational pieces like identifying your ideal target market and a little bit about branding. We’re going to get into the content. I also have a content hack I’ve been using for my business and my clients’ businesses that’s been working really well.

One of the challenges that I see a lot with businesses and entrepreneurs is, “Hey, I need to create all this content.” The hack I use is to create one piece of source content, then repurpose it in many different ways. Then we get into tech platforms, social media, and distribution. Basically, it’s a content strategy to streamline the process for you.

What would you say to people who say that there’s too much content out there already?

There is a lot of content out there. One thing I stress is that you want to create valuable content, not just content about cute kittens, but content that actually helps and serves your community, whatever your community is. It’s not about volume necessarily, it’s also about quality versus quantity.

You’re going to cover that in your session?

It’s all about creating valuable content in general. I mean, it’s kind of a 10,000-foot view, but yes, that’s going to be part of the session as well. How to create valuable content that actually serves your community, that actually helps instead of just random stuff that you put out there on YouTube.

Do you work mostly with Northern Colorado businesses?

I am pretty familiar with the entrepreneurial startup community in northern Colorado, but I have clients all over the country.

What are you most excited about in terms of Startup Week?

Every Startup Week is a great way to bring the startup community and the entrepreneurial community together, to make connections, to network, to learn, of course. That’s what I’m most excited about, just bringing a lot of enthusiastic people together, who are interested in doing business, who are interested in serving their communities.

Beyond flooding their social media feeds with pictures of cute cats, what do you see is the biggest challenge for businesses in Northern Colorado?

Identifying their target market. That’s not just a challenge for Northern Colorado, but also for a lot of businesses that I interact with. Really honing in. If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody. Get as niched down as you can when it comes to identifying who is the community that you’re looking to serve.

In terms of Northern Colorado specifically, I would say creating more content is a big challenge. Valuable content, not just kittens and cute puppies, which of course is entertaining for five minutes, but it’s not going to really help you grow your business.

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