Noted by Ellen took awesome notes of some StartUp Week Sessions! Check ’em out!

Ellen O’Neill is the talented visual notetaker and custom illustrator behind Noted By Ellen.

She specializes in turning ideas into visuals to promote understanding, retention, and communication. Visuals can be created before a meeting or event as well as created in real time to engage and include the audience.

She visited TechStars Startup Week Fort Collins and took live visual notes at quite a few sessions!

Below are the results of her efforts – we think you’ll agree that they’re well worth studying!

Nick Armstrong‘s Marketing for Freelancers

Nick Armstrong‘s Negotiation for Freelancers

John Garvey‘s Storyfied Marketing

Nicole Ressue‘s Protecting Your Creativity

Franklin Taggart‘s Protecting Your Creativity

Katrina Pfannkuch‘s Finding the Root of Creative Blocks

Breaking The Silence – Mental Health + Entrepreneurship by Chrysta Bairre, Sierra Frost, Allie Owens, Victoria Benjamin, and Robin Morning

Valerie Mosley‘s Visual Storytelling For Your Brand

Find Your eCommerce Platform by Sari Kimbell and Ben McConnell

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  1. Love this! thanks all for sharing your wonderful notes & illustrated info


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