Founded in FoCo Open House: Ideas, Collaboration, and Plans for 2024

This morning (May 9th, 2023), the Founded in FoCo organizing team hosted an open house for community partners and volunteers at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

The gathering was an opportunity to connect and collaborate as we look ahead to our 2024 event. We also asked everyone to share how Founded in FoCo can support our broader community throughout the year.

Our mission & looking ahead to 2024

Our mission at Founded in FoCo is to strengthen our economy through entrepreneurship.

We do this by presenting an annual event and bringing together our community to:

  • Spark new ideas.
  • Learn from peers.
  • Build relationships.
  • Foster representation.

Here’s the presentation we shared at the open house including the 2024 event timeline, 2023 event stats, and ways to get involved:

Gathering Community Input & Ideas

During the open house, we invited attendees to share suggestions and ideas in response to the following prompts:

How do we engage more partners & participants?

“Regional mini pop up events”
“Sharing mailing lists”
“Regular communication cadence. Increase frequency closer to the event.”
“Podcast interview style presentations for people who have stories to tell but aren’t presenters.”

Who’s missing? (Partners, speakers, subject matter experts)

“Bankers, finance partners”
“E-commerce experts”
“Small business focused on trades, e.g. timber framers, construction”
“NoCo Works & small business committee”
“Innovators with viable business, e.g. Blue Margin, In-Situ, etc”
“BIPOC Alliance”

What topics are missing from Founded in FoCo?

“Not enough panels”
“I’d love to see a separated skillshare track”
“Facilitated networking for introverts”
“A pitch event”
“Best methods to review & implement info. gained through networking”
“Enterprise zone incentives (Larimer County)”

What needs are in our community?

“Inclusivity and Diversity (e.g. generationally)”
“Work-based learning to connect students and job seekers to businesses”
“Online one stop shop for all business resources”
“Resource mapping. Cross promotion. Regional focus.”
“A dedicated space to connect with lead generators and freelance hubs, esp. for creatives.”
“Affordable business services including VAs and bookkeepers.”

What groups or industries can we serve better?

“NoCo nonprofit sector partnership”
“Music industry”
“Music to open close sessions”

Share Your Ideas

Please take a moment to share your ideas below.

Thank you!

On behalf of the entire organizing team, thank you for being part of our community and for all you do to support entrepreneurs and businesses at all stages in our region and beyond.

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