Prepare Your Pitch for National TV

During Fort Collins Startup Week (Feb 27-Mar 3), FVC Mesh Fort Collins will be hosting a national TV show, Hatched, that will be seeking out companies to pitch to their execs and investors for a chance to be featured on the show.

Putting Fort Collins Startups on the Map

The Hatched TV show is filming their 3rd season and is coming to Fort Collins, Phoenix and Chicago to find their next batch of great companies to feature on the show and connect to growth opportunities and investment. Think Shark Tank, but with better results for the companies.

Two Pitch Opportunities for Local Companies

The Hatched cast and crew comes to FVC Mesh Fort Collins (242 Linden St) on Monday, February 27th, to see pitches from 20-25 select companies while also filming them in anticipation of bringing them into the show. By having strategic relationships with retail giants Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Home Shopping Network, the Hatched crew has “hatched” several brands into the retail space.

On Tuesday, February 28th, the Hatched and Sam’s executives will be selecting more companies to pitch to them in a more relaxed environment, without the filming, so they can provide feedback, advice, and pathways to their retail outlets.

The first event is very much geared to consumer brands that are ready to have this kind of growth opportunity. The second event is actually open to any type of company and is a great a chance to meet one-on-one with the execs and investors associated with the show.

Submit Your Pitch and Start Preparing

If you/your company is interested in this opportunity, please fill out the following form which will be forwarded directly to the Hatched team. They will be pre-selecting all of the companies that will be pitching either day:

Looking forward to seeing you all for FCSW17! 

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