Shuttle Information for Techstars Startup Week Fort Collins

Last week we posted information to help you prepare for parking at Techstars Startup Week Fort Collins. Today we want to orient you to the easiest way to get around during Startup Week.

Once again attendees have the option to ditch their cars and hop on the free BFB Shuttle that will travel between venues. There are two options for this year’s shuttle service – you can request an on demand ride or use the schedule below to jump on the venue loop.

To Jump on The Loop

The shuttle will run on a loop from the Carnegie Center for Creativity (CCC) to The Artery to Innosphere to The Lyric to The Music District then back to the CCC.

*Articulate pick up and drop offs will be at the Artery due to traffic concerns


To Request an On Demand Ride

Attendees can schedule on demand pick ups at any time between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Just text your location and pick up time to 970-795-2590.


BFB Shuttle Schedule


BFB Shuttle will be running on demand and on a loop between the CCC and Artery.



10:00 AM departure from CCC…10:05 from Artery to Innosphere

11:00 AM from the Lyric- Loop to all other venues

12:15 PM departure from Innosphere to CCC and main loop

1:45 PM departure from CCC to Music District



11:45 AM departure from CCC to Innosphere

1:00 PM departure from Innoshere to CCC and loop

2:40 PM departure from CCC to Harmony Library for the Nonprofit 

4:00 PM  departure from Harmony Library back to main loop


*Thursday shuttle runs the main loop until 7:30 PM

9:00 AM departure from CCC Main loop to Lyric

10:15 AM departure from CCC to Innosphere

11:30 AM pick up at Innosphere from main loop

11:35 AM departure from Lyric to main loop

2:45 PM departure from CCC to Innosphere and main loop

3:45 PM departure from CCC to main loop to Music District

7:30 PM Last loop pick ups at Lyric, Scrumpy’s


Cohere and New Belgium Brewing added to main loop

Bus will run main loop continuously 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


We’re excited to see you at Startup Week!

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